A downloadable tool for Windows

An Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics set of tools for decoding. special feature it can find words with glyphs missing crossword style, this allows old tablets with chipped or missing parts to be decoded.

you can exclude glyphs too. all glyphs are in the garderner system. all data is in text files, any student knows when studying glyphs you need to build your own dictionary based on your own work, so a database in plain text will be easily used for this.

you can search for last glyph in a work, or first. the last glyph in a word will be a descriptive glyph and its usefull to search for the last glyph. you have AND or OR searches.

when decifering normaly you would have to convert a glyph into a code then search, but this app allows you to choose glyphs and converts for you, so taking out a time consuming step in decoding

there is a full screen glyph select option for all the glyphs to be visable to aid in IDs


Anyglyphs835ReRelease.zip 8 MB